29 June 2011

That Feels Good

So, my sister in law told me last week that there was a good deal at blurb.com (the company I use to print our yearly blogs as nice books for our family to keep), and that it expires at the end of the month.  I checked, and realized that I had already prepared our book for 2008, but just hadn't had it published yet.  So, I decided I'd work on our book for 2009 and see if I might be able to get that one done before the end of the month too (to save on shipping by ordering two books at once).  So, I've had lots of late nights the last week and a half, working on it whenever the boys were sleeping, but last night I finally finished our 2009 book, and I just ordered them.  I figure that with the discount and the savings on shipping, I saved about $45 on my order.  And I can't wait for our new books to arrive!




Mel said...

so glad you were able to save so much! i LOVE blurb!

Jen said...

Gotta love great deals! I love blurb. :)