22 June 2011


Here are some spotlight pages that we filled out with the boys for their primary class at church.  We filled them out several months ago, and I just came across them the other day.  I love to hear the answers kids give to these questions! 

(It's good to see that Kolby's favorite food has remained the same for several years running: corn on the cob.  And you can see that Kolby first wrote that one thing he doesn't like was "cold," but then changed his answer to "winter."  Can you tell he was looking forward to summer weather when he wrote this?  Lijah, of course, wrote the same thing as Kolby for what he didn't like.  This is a little bit out of date, though, because Lijah's favorite color is no longer pink -- I'm pretty sure it was either green or red last time I heard.  Camden really does think that "rainbow" is an actual color -- a mix of all the colors.  And he definately doesn't like Cup-o-Noodle Soup.  But I'm not quite sure where Isaac came up with a dislike of chicken -- he hasn't had any complaints when he's eaten it).