30 May 2011

May Photos

I thought I’d take a few minutes and post some photos from the last couple of weeks:
So, two Saturdays ago we got most of the garden planted, and I’ve filled in all the remaining spots with plants since then. It’s nice to get everything in, and watch it start to grow.

And a couple of weeks ago we were able to go to the Lilac Festival in Rochester with Jolene Chen and her son, Devon.  The boys’ favorite part was the little carnival rides, and they also had fun at the magic show (which Lijah got called to come up and help with). 

I also told the boys that they can grow out their hair a bit before the next time we cut it, and they thought that was a great idea when I showed them some photos I found online of what kind of haircuts I was thinking of.  Kolby liked the one of the boy in the red shirt, and insisted that he wanted his hair like that: 

So here are the ‘before’ pictures (with that nice in-between, ‘needs a haircut’ kind of look), and we’ll see what we end up with (at least before I get bored in a few months and cut it short again). 


The other day I was thinking that their hair was getting shaggy enough, and I tried putting gel in Camden’s hair to see if it was long enough for his curls yet – it worked pretty well with his hair, but I’m afraid that Isaac has lost his baby curls, as you can see.  And Courtland’s is still too short to tell (I cut his more recently than his brothers’, so it’s not too long yet). 

Here are the shots of Courtland after the little syrup fiasco that I mentioned in my last post.

 There, all clean!

And here’s one I took of Kolby with my cell phone after he fell on the cement on our walk yesterday afternoon.  Poor guy. 

When we got home yesterday we found a little chipmunk in the back yard – I don’t know if it was hurt or what, but it didn’t even try to run away when I picked it up.  We kept him inside for a little while, and he wasn’t moving around too much, but after resting a while he started to act a little more active, so I took him out and let him go under the edge of our deck (where Brax couldn’t reach him easily).  He wouldn’t run away, and I figured it was likely he wouldn’t make it, but when I checked out there this morning he wasn’t where I’d left him, and this afternoon I saw a chipmunk that looked a lot like the same one sitting on our deck, so maybe he was ok.  It was a pretty cute little thing.

Oh, and I’m excited.  I stopped at a garage sale a week ago and happened to find this cool big toy Fisher Price castle for just $1, and pirate ship that was from the same set.  There was also a Fisher Price ‘Little People’ farm for just a couple dollars too.  I’m pretty sure that my little brothers had the same castle when they were kids, and I think it looks way fun.  So I’ve found a few good deals on ebay this week to get some of the matching pieces, and I’m just about all set for all of the boys’ birthdays this year: the pirate ship for Lijah, and a second pirate ship for Kolby with lots of little pirates for them to share, the castle for Camden, the farm for Courtland (and we already have several ‘Little People’ farm animals to go with it), and for Isaac there are these little jousting knights (from the castle set) – they look so fun: they ride on these horses and when they hit each other’s shields the horses’ saddles pop up and eject the knights.  Plus there are a couple of knights with a horse and a coach, so Isaac will have fun with all the horses.  Now all I need to do is find a good deal on a set of the little knights to go with Camden’s castle, and the birthday shopping is done.  (These aren’t the photos of the exact ones I got, but they’re the same types). 

So this morning we went to the Memorial Day parade in Fairport Village.  We ended up running into our friends, the St. Cyrs, and sitting next to them.  The boys did quite well overall (Michael was surprised to hear I was taking all 5 boys and the dog to a parade without any help).  They stood up and clapped almost the entire time for all the veterans and fire fighters (Lijah’s teacher had told him that’s what you do, and his little brothers had fun doing it with him too).  And there wasn’t even any crying until the end – Isaac was beside himself because he only got one piece of candy (our boys think that the main reason for going to a parade is the candy that gets thrown out, and there wasn’t much of that at this one).  

Then, on the way home from the parade I stopped at a garage sale, and they had this wagon.  The boys wanted me to get it, but I assumed it would be too expensive (I know these kinds cost a ton in the stores, and the one I saw at a different garage sale a few years ago was even far to expensive).  But I was surprised to find that the lady was selling it for only $25 (she said she paid $250 for it new, but her daughter has outgrown it), so I got it.  And luckily the wagon fits fine in the trunk of our van when you detach the back piece, so it’s easy to take places.  The boys wanted to try it out, so we decided to do another canal walk.  This time we drove over to Pittsford and parked at Schoen Place, and walked way down the canal and back – we were probably gone for 2 hours.  Kolby ad Lijah used their scooters, and the other three rode happily in their wagon.  So that was fun.  I can picture lots more wagon rides in our future.  :)

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