16 May 2011

Easter Egg Party

So, the day before Easter we got to go to a really fun party at the Gilchrist’s house. Susan’s grandmother has a tradition where their whole extended family gets together at Easter time and they all bring hard boiled eggs that they’ve dyed, and they have an ‘egg roll,’ so since they aren’t living near family right now she thought it’d be fun to do it with friends. So two people at a time roll their eggs towards each other until they hit, and whoever’s egg isn’t cracked (or is cracked less if they both crack) wins that round. Everyone got a few turns and the winners went against each other until it was down to the last person (who happened to be me), and I won a giant bag of skittles. Then we enjoyed yummy homemade cinnamon rolls and fun conversation while the kids played together. It was a really fun little party.

Oh, and we had lots of fun dying our eggs for the party too. We ended up doing it a little differently than normal, and I don’t think we’ll ever dye eggs another way. We put a few eggs in a colander in the sink and poured about a cup of vinegar over them (we caught the vinegar in a pan, to re-use it until we finished with all the sets of eggs). Then we let the boys take turns each dripping a few drops of two or three different colors of food coloring over each set of eggs, and swirling them around in the colander for a few seconds. We then rinsed them with water and set them on paper towels to dry. That’s it. So easy, quick, not messy, and fun. And I think the eggs turned out pretty cool too.

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