10 April 2011

Our Week

April is here, and this has been a wonderful weekend, with nice warm days (finally!), and we’ve been able to enjoy lots of outdoor time. Woohoo!

Michael started a Mohs surgery rotation on Monday, which means that for the next 5 weeks he’ll have more opportunities for surgical procedures (which is really fun for him), he’ll be the one on call during the days and overnight on the weekdays, and he’ll likely have a little longer hours than usual (although this week we’ve been very lucky not to have any real late nights – knock on wood).

I’ve kept busy this week with trips to the grocery store, babysitting for my friend, taking the boys to see the dogs at the Lollypop Farm animal shelter on their half day of school on Tuesday, our normal library story time followed by piano lessons on Thursday, then I got to go to a fun women’s activity at church where we learned fun tips on hair styles on Thursday evening, then my friend Lisa and I went to a big garage sale at the church in Penfield on Friday evening and each got some kids clothes.

Also, this week I joined a group called Moms Club of Fairport, for local stay at home moms to get together and have playgroups, little field trips, do service projects, and have some moms’ nights out. My friend, Lisa, who lives across the street and has a 5 month old little boy, told me about the Moms Club. There are over 40 members of the group, and when I went to the Meet and Greet this week there were at least 5 other new moms there for the first time too. It was lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to getting out and doing more things and making some friends, especially after school’s over this year and we don’t have to worry about being home at certain times of the day for school buses anymore.

On Friday Michael had an unexpected day off. He knew that the doctor he is working with would be out of the office on Friday, so he was just planning on going in for a while to catch up on some charts. When he went out to leave in the morning the car wouldn’t start – the key wouldn’t turn in the ignition. He called around and found that it would be expensive to get the car towed somewhere to have it fixed, so we called a locksmith and were told that the part they needed was in Buffalo, but that they could get it and come fix the car at our house in the late afternoon. Luckily Michael didn’t really need to go to work – he’ll just have to go in early tomorrow to catch up on the charts. So, we had a fun day, including a visit to the Phillips’ house for lunch and to Fellows Road Park. Then while Michael stayed with the boys while they napped, I took Brax to the vet to update his shots and renewed his license. Then late that afternoon, after not hearing back from the locksmith, Michael called and was quite frustrated to learn that the car part wasn’t found and that one of the technicians was supposed to call and let us know, but something happened and we never got the call. They said they’d have to order the part, and now it’ll have to be fixed tomorrow. Luckily I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow, so Michael will be able to use the van. So, hopefully it will all get worked out without any problems tomorrow.

Yesterday was fun. We got some work done around the house, I took Kolby to basketball at the church and while there I got some work done on the presentation I’m preparing for a conference coming up next Saturday for all the genealogy directors and consultants in the stake (yes, teaching genealogy to other genealogy experts is a little overwhelming to me, and I’ve procrastinated on preparing my presentation because of that, but I think it’ll turn out well in the end). Then we came home and had a picnic lunch in the front yard, talked to our neighbors for a little while, then we went on a hike at Ellison Park in Penfield. We got these little “passport” booklets at the local Wegmans grocery store that have lots of local hiking trails, and the idea is that you go to each one and make a rubbing in the book on a little plaque on the trail, then there’s some little prize if you hike all the trails – like a t-shirt or a $5 grocery store gift card or something. The prizes should be exciting for the kids, but Michael and I are just looking forward to discovering lots of new hiking spots. It was a nice hike on Saturday, and after we got home we finished raking the leftover fall leaves on the sides of the yard before dinner. Then, that night after the boys went to bed I took Brax and went on a bike ride around the neighborhood – I’ve been waiting to do that until it warmed up outside. He did quite well with the bike ride – he never even bumped into the bike once, so I think we’ll have to make a habit of it. It’ll be nice to get back into shape a bit after a long winter. I’d say it was a pretty nice day.

Today we enjoyed a nice day at church. Afterwards, while the younger boys napped and the older boys worked on some art projects, Michael made a cake for dessert and I worked on sorting through the boys’ winter clothes and getting them put away. (Actually, I’m not quite that optimistic – I realize that this nice weather might not stick, so I did leave out some jeans and sweatshirts, but I really am hopeful that we’ve finally reached t-shirt weather). But I got my lists of the boys’ clothes all updated (with enough clothes for each boy so that we don’t ever have to worry about doing laundry more than once a week -- no matter how messy they may get). I’ve got a few more things to find, but am looking forward to hitting some good garage sales pretty soon and hopefully get all set for clothes for the next school year before too long. And you can't beat garage sales -- nice clothes for a couple of dollars each.  Last year I was all set with size 8 school clothes for Kolby, because each previous year he had gone up one clothing size, but last year he didn’t go up – so it kind of threw me off when we needed a different size clothes for him than we had, but at least we’re mostly set for size 8 clothes this year, so as long as he’s grown a bit in the last couple of years that’ll be less that I have to find. Anyways, nice to get my annual lists all ready. (Yes, I know I’m a bit OCD, but how else do you expect me to keep track what we need in all the different sizes?)

Then this evening we had the Johnsons over for dinner, since they recently moved into some apartments just down the street. Dinner turned out nice – homemade pizza – then we got in one game of Blokus before the kids overwhelmed us and we headed outside for a walk, and we ended up walking the Johnsons back to their house and then coming home. Now the boys and Michael are all asleep, and I really should be too – wow, I just looked at the clock, and it’s even later than I thought. Better call it a night.

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jennysanzo said...

So glad you joined MOMS Club! Looking forward to getting to know you and the boys better... love reading your blog!