21 March 2011

Eli Turned 6!

Here are some photos and videos from Eli’s 6th birthday party.  He had a Dr. Seuss themed party, with Horton the elephant on his cake.  (When I showed him the cake, he commented that the elephant was green, and I told him it was grey.  And he said, “Yeah, but some real elephants are green.”  So I informed him that elephants are usually grey.  It’s interesting to learn which colors he recognizes and which ones look the same to him).

And his teacher, Miss Fitzgerald, made him a special birthday hat.  He got a cool t-ball T from Nana and Papa, which he’s excited to use once it’s warm and dry enough outdoors (I told him he could hit tennis balls off of it and Brax would bring them back to him, and he thought that sounded pretty funny).  And he was so excited to use his birthday money from grandparents and great grandparents to choose some things at the store.  He settled on a zu-zu pet, several plastic animals to go with their animal set, a big bag of silly bands, and a large lego set (he hasn’t seen the movie that the set was about, but it has a palace, lots of little lego people, and a camel, which kept all the boys occupied for weeks). 


Donsher said...

Maybe he's color blind??

Stephanie said...

Yep -- we found out when he started kindergarten that he's colorblind. The interesting thing to me, though, is that he correctly identifies his colors most of the time, it's just certain shades of certain colors that he sometimes gets wrong.