06 February 2011

If Mommy Lived at the Zoo

Last night at dinner the boys and I were joking around and having a silly conversation.  We were talking about the zoo, and one of them said something about living at the zoo.  So, one of the boys made a joke about Mommy living at the zoo, and I asked them what they would do if Mommy lived at the zoo.  Kolby said that if I had the car keys they would have to walk home, and Eli quickly said that they would watch a lot of movies and that they would eat food while sitting on the couch as they did so (we don’t eat food outside of the dining room at our house).  So I asked them where they would get the food and who would cook it.  Kolby said that they would just get food from the grocery store and eat it how it was, without doing anything to it.  I asked where they would get the money to buy food, and they said they would find change on the ground, and that they could also use birthday money from grandparents and money from the tooth fairy.  All I can say is they’d better start losing a lot more teeth!

1 comment:

Michelle Conde said...

But doesn't Mommy already live in a zoo? What about all those wild animals in your house?