11 February 2011

Cute Kids

Just had to write down two cute things that the boys said yesterday before I forgot:

In the children’s primary classes at church one of the songs they sing is called “I Hope They Call Me On A Mission,” and last night for family night we built a fire in the fireplace, had hot chocolate, and sang songs (one of our new favorite family activities). Everyone took turns choosing songs, and when it was Lijah’s turn he said, “Let’s sing ‘I Hope They Call Me On A Mission.’ I hope you guys call me when I’m on a mission someday.”

And yesterday evening Camden lifted up his pant legs to reveal little pictures drawn on his feet in blue marker (and I could see a little person on one foot done in Camden’s style of drawing), and said, “Today during naptime someone must have climbed in my window and colored on my feet.” I asked him where the marker was, and he said he didn’t know, so I asked him what colored on his feet and he said it was a marker. I asked him where the marker was and he went up and got it from under my bed. Later on he commented, “I wonder who colored on my feet?”

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