08 December 2010


So, I’ve been trying out some different hairstyles lately. I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut for a while now, and I had an idea in mind – a diagonal cut, something like this:

So when a friend sent me a coupon for a really great deal for a $20 haircut at a fancy salon, I decided it was time. Here at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots:

But I really wanted my hair to look straight and shiny, like in the pictures of the haircut ideas I’d found online. (Don’t know why I thought a haircut would make my hair look like that, since it’s always been rather wavy when I don’t do anything to it, and I’d never really been able to get it perfectly straight like that before – plus it curls up even more when it’s cut short than when it’s long). So, I happened to mention it to a friend who has really cute hair, she lent me her straightener to try out, and I was excited because it actually worked. She was able to get me a discount on a good straightener, and Michael is giving it to me for Christmas (yes, I’ve been using it already – but I did promise to act really surprised Christmas morning). :) So, anyways, since I got it cut I’ve done it straight, which I really like. And I’ve also done it curly, which I think it’s pretty cute once in a while). I know there’ve been lots of times when I just didn’t do much with my hair at all, so it’s kind of fun to find a couple new ways to do it.

(Thank you to Kolby and Eli, my little photographers).

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Tina said...

HEY, I didn't realize that you have curly hair-Shelley got hers cut and it's very similar to yours. I like the "straight look" BUT I also LOVE Shelley's Curls and Waves--and I think yours looks darling that way too...AHHH Sisters!