06 December 2010

Habitat for Humanity

Our church is helping build and donate money for a house downtown for Habitat for Humanity, which I think is really cool. I’ve always wanted to do something like that. (And Habitat for Humanity is pretty cool, because it doesn’t just give away houses, the people who move there put in hundreds of hours of work on their own or other Habitat houses, and they have to pay the mortgage, it just helps to get people in need back on their feet so they can do it for themselves). So, I got to go a couple weeks ago and work all day one Saturday with my friends Melissa and Dawn. They needed more help on a couple other Habitat houses in the neighborhood too, so I actually didn’t end up working on “our” house, but that’s fine with me. We painted the ceiling and I caulked in all the upstairs rooms while Melissa put in door knobs in a house that was almost finished, then we came back and helped move a lot of lumber for a house across the street from “our” house. While we did that, others worked on putting siding on the house that our church is working on. It was a good, long day. And it looks like Michael is going to have a chance to go on a Saturday in a couple of weeks, so that’ll be really nice for him to have a chance too. The house will be done before too much longer.
Here are some pretty cheesey shots of Melissa and I working at one of the houses.

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