08 December 2010

Crows, Ballerinas, and Echolocation

The boys often turn on the demo songs on our digital piano and dance around the house to the music. Camden just turned on the songs and started spinning in quick circles and said, “I’ll do ballerinas.” I don’t think the word ‘ballerina’ has ever been mentioned in our house full of boys, and I asked Camden where he heard it, thinking it had to be from one of the little girls in his church class. His response: “I made it up.”

The other day I looked at a tag on Kolby’s sweater – it had a little silhouette of a flying bird and said the brand name, ‘Air Hawk.’ Kolby asked me what it said, and I told him “Hawk.” He said, “Oh, the bird is a crow.” “No, a hawk,” I corrected him. And he said, “Yeah, that’s what a crow says: ‘Hawk, hawk.’”

Kolby has been working on this robot picture in art class at school. I thought it was pretty cute when he brought me the picture and told me that his robot has electricity and echolocation. I asked him how he knew about echolocation, and he looked at me as if everyone knew about that and simply said, “From bats, Mommy.”

Kolby’s school journal writing:
“November 12
Yesterday I plaid with my brothers and I painted with my mother. I played outside and I played in the basement. I played with my dog. My favorite toy is legos. You are my favorite teacher I ever had. I love sports. My favorite sport is bowling. I like bowling with my family.”
It’s fun now that he’s learning how to really write and he’s learning how to spell different words.

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