29 December 2010

Christmas Day

. . . On Christmas morning the boys actually slept until about 6:30, then we got up and took a couple pictures on the stairs before they came down and saw the tree.  By 10:00 we were all done unwrapping gifts and we had brunch.  Michael wasn’t feeling 100% yet, but was quite a bit better than the day before.  Michael and the boys then took about half an hour to set up a fun Toy Story 3 toy that they got from Nana and Papa – it’s something like the old Mouse Trap game with all the moving parts that cause a chain reaction, but much bigger and more fun.  They’ve been playing with that every day since then.  And we also read our two pop-up books that we traditionally read on Christmas Eve: The Night Before Christmas and The First Christmas.  Then we watched Toy Story 3 on our new blu-ray player from Grandpa Dick and Grandma Debbie (which replaced our old DVD player that broke several months ago), and Michael rested a bit more.  The boys also got to read some of the many new books they got for Christmas.  Thanks so much to all the family members who sent gifts for the boys (and for us too)!  And we were able to Skype with the webcam and talk to both Michael’s family and my family.  It’s fun, because if you ask any of the boys what their favorite gifts were, they will start telling you all about the little gifts that they got from their brothers from the dollar store.  How cute!  That evening we went over to the St. Cyr’s house for dinner and had a good time with the St. Cyrs and Stevensons.  (Michael was feeling much better by then, and if it was strep throat he had already had the antibiotics for 24 hours and was no longer contagious).  We had all sorts of yummy foods and desserts, and the kids enjoyed playing together.  We stayed a while and the grown ups played the ‘Compatibility Game,’ which was fun.  Then we came home and rested after putting the boys to bed.  It was a nice Christmas.  (Then, on Monday for family home evening the boys got all dressed up [with their blankets tied around their heads] and we read the story of Jesus’ birth from the scriptures while acting out the nativity – so even though we didn’t do everything on Christmas Eve, we still got to do it all).


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