27 November 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

I thought I’d share our Thanksgiving traditions: Besides all the special foods that we eat that have been passed down by my family members, we also take a few minutes usually in the morning on Thanksgiving day to read some short stories that Michael grew up reading on Thanksgiving. 

There’s a short children’s story with pictures about a boy who is thankful for the bread his mother prepares and learns to be thankful for the people who helped grow and mill the grain for the bread, and to Heavenly Father.  Then there is an article about the circumstances of the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving. 

And lastly is a short story about a group of family and friends who gather for Thanksgiving dinner and have to wait for the food, only to find 7 dry kernels of corn on each plate when they sit down to eat.  (Supposedly this is the amount of excess corn that the pilgrims had on the first Thanksgiving after saving enough for the winter and for planting – although I’ve never heard this anywhere else, it’s still a nice story).  Then the people go around the table, each saying one thing they are thankful for for each kernel of corn on their plate.  After reading that, we go around and have each of our family members put a piece of corn (dry popcorn kernels) in a little container as we tell what we are thankful for.  We video tape this, which is fun to look back and see what the boys say they are thankful for at different ages.  And we save the corn in a little container for the next year. 

This year the boys were thankful for things like church, their brothers, family home evening, their friends, school, the piano, and their dog. 

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